Favourites of Twenty Fifteen | Asian Wedding Photography by Soniya Zeb
January 11, 2016 /

2015 has been a remarkable year- It started off with marrying my best friend and finished with receiving the testimonial below.

Thank you to all my lovely clients, family and friends who have given me so much love, trusted me to capture their day and allowed me to create beautiful images.

Kind Words- Seema and Sunny 

From the minute I met Soniya I knew that we were going to get on famously. You know when you meet someone and they just “get you”? I guess when you choose the person you want to capture the most important day of your entire existence they have to be absolutely perfect and Soniya was definitely “the one” for Sunny and I.

From our mutual love of Alladin **swoon** to our shared dislike of posed wooden shots that have become a cliché in wedding albums, we had a lot in common. On the run up to the wedding Soniya was positive, helpful and actually ended up giving me lots of advice and tips on other aspects of the planning. It was so refreshing to have a supportive professional around.

The day of the wedding arrived. It was great to see Soniya in action, she was unobtrusive yet managed to get in to the heart of all the wedding shenanigans, even capturing a hilarious moment when one of Sunny’s cousin tried to get a cheeky selfie with the horse for Sunny’s bharaat. But that is Soniya through and through, eternalising those perfect little moments that the ordinary eye would miss. Because of her great personality and easing going nature everyone commented on the fact she seemed like she was part of the family which is great as it meant that people were at ease around her.

There were times that we needed someone to be a little to the point and direct, Soniya was there to hurry along the proceedings when needed and was apt at organising people so we weren’t sat around waiting for trillions of group shots.

The real proof of the pudding came when the pictures arrived. I had no words for my reaction apart from “wow”. Just wow. They came on Christmas Day and I cannot think of a more priceless gift than the moments that Soniya managed to capture that day. The colours, the composition, the emotion…everything was absolutely on point. We both looked like ourselves but the best possible version of ourselves if that makes sense.

Any brides and grooms who are thinking of making Soniya a part of your big day… I assure you that from personal experience it is the 2nd best decision you will make, only pipped to the post by the decision to marry your lovely partners 🙂

The confetti has blown away, the honeymoon tans have faded, the humdrum of our wedding seems a million years ago, but having Soniya’s pictures of the amazing day we became Husband and Wife reminds us that our distant dream was a magical reality.

Thank you Soniya

We love you Seema and Sunny xxXxx


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