Asian Pre Wedding Photography | Shazma and Hasnain
July 12, 2015 /

When Shazma contacted me for the photography of her Asian Wedding and Mehndi ceremonies in Bradford’s Midland Hotel; I recognised the name but couldn’t quite place it. Shazma had seen some of my images on my Instagram Page and arranged a consultation in my office for the following week.

When I opened the door; I let out a little squeel, Shazma let out a little squeel and we hugged tightly! Shazma used to work with me 10 years previous in my very first job and was the one to blame for my designer handbag obsession! After getting over the initial surprise I made us all tea and instead of discussing wedding photography details for her ceremonies, we discussed Balenciaga handbags!

After our catch up, we discussed the Pre Wedding Shoot and also their ceremonies; both which were to be very elegant and full of family and friends. Here are a few of my favourites from the Mehndi, where I felt more a member of the family than a photographer.


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